Personalized spinner ring handmade in Sterling Silver

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Spinner ring with custom inscription

This spinner ring will be custom made with your inscription and in your exact size.
   About the ring
    - It is handcrafted by me from solid sterling silver
    - The three silver spinning rings have a hammered surface.
    - The ring is a bit over 3/8 of an inch (10-11 mm) wide.
    - It has a shiny finish.
    - The flared shape of the ring makes it comfortable to wear.
    How many letters will fit?
    That will depend on your ring size.
    Example: A size 7 ring will fit 24 letters vertically or 28 letters horizontally.
    Add or subtract 1 letter for each size larger or smaller. Each space between words counts as a letter.
    How can the inscription be written?
    It can go inside or outside of the ring, or both.
I will make the necessary adjustments so the wide ring will fit, so please let me know your normal ring size.