Rustic hammered sterling silver cross with personalized initials

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Handmade cross with monomgram necklace

A rustic sterling silver cross will be custom made with your initials inscribed. Your initials can be inscribed to create a personalized, unique piece of jewelry. Up to three letters will fit.
I hand cut each cross from sterling silver and hammer it for a unique rustic finish. The little ring holding the cross is securely fused together so it will not come apart.

This listing is for one cross including the silver chain. The cross measures approx. 1/2 inch (12mm) across. The smaller cross is also available in my store and measures 5/16th of an inch across. It is shown only for size comparison.

Each cross is handcrafted by me in my little studio in beautiful but rainy Northwest of the USA. The cross will come with a good quality chain that was made in the US. It too is made from solid sterling silver.

I will send email to confirm your order (please allow for 24 hours), so you can let me know your initials during checkout or reply to my email.