Unique sterling silver hoop earrings

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Artisan made hoop earrings

Handcrafted from start to finish, these sterling silver hoop earrings are unique and sure to be noticed. I created them from tarnish resistant Argentium sterling silver. The hammered facets add a nice sparkle. 

All material is solid sterling silver. 


These silver hoops are really unique. They are completely handmade from sterling silver wire. I cut, shape, fuse and hand forge them from thick sterling silver wire. You will not find these hoops anywhere else.

I am using a high quality sterling silver called Argentium. Argentium silver has many wonderful qualities. It is whiter and brighter than traditional sterling silver. It is tarnish-resistant and is easy to take care off. It is also nickel-free. I do suffer from nickel allergies myself, and I enjoy wearing my Argentium sterling silver earrings without getting any itchy blisters.

Argentium is made from earth friendly recycled silver. All metal in the earrings is 100% solid sterling silver (brand name Argentium).

The hoop circle measures a bit under 3/4 of an inch (18 mm) across. The total length including the ear wire is a bit under 1 3/4 inches (43 mm).