custom spinner ring
gold and silver spinner ring

Spinner ring in silver and 10k gold, with your inscription

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Your custom inscription will transform this spinner ring into a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. Choose inspiring words or a meaningful date for yourself. Express your love, or select an inspirational inscription for a friend, to create a truly meaningful and thoughtful gift. 
Your inscription can be stamped underneath the freely spinning slender rings as a little secret for the wearer. The inscription will be visible when the spinning rings are moved to the side. I can also inscribe the inside of the wide silver band. 

The flared out shape that holds the slender spinning bands also make the ring very comfortable to wear. 
Ring description:
  -  10-11 mm wide (about 0.4 inches)
  -  handmade from sterling silver with one of the top rings made fron 10k gold

  About the inscription ---
  How many letters will fit also depends on your ring size. I can usually get up to 28 letters on an average sized ring. Please contact me if your inscription is longer, so we can discuss possible layouts to make your inscription fit.