Ring sizing information

How to determine your ring size

Ring sizing can be a bit tricky, so spending a few minutes to get it right is time well spent. After all, you want to order the correct size so you will receive a ring that fits you well. That will make you happy and when you are happy, I am happy.  

There is only one reliable method to measure your ring size correctly.

Use a ring sizer
There are two different styles of ring sizers I can recommend. This photo shows the adjustable belt-style ring sizer plus the ring sizing tool I am offering in my store.  
The blue ring sizing set is easy to use.  Just pick out which ring fits best and read off the size. The individual size rings can be removed from the large blue plastic sheet and tried on like a regular ring. 
Make sure the sizer will slide over your knuckle with the selected size. After all, your ring will have to go over your knuckle as well. 

This little re-usable ring sizer also works well. Slip it over your finger, tighten until  it fits correct and read the number that is indicated by the arrow.

Every fine jewelry store will also be able to size your finger with a ring sizer.

That is two methods you say? Well, not really, because they will also be using a ring sizer. Theirs is most likely a bit more fancy and made from metal, but it works exactly the same.  
Be sure you have your normal wide size measured. Ring sizes are measured in full, half and quarter sizes. Half size accuracy  is usually fine, but quarter size accuracy is even better for the best possible fit. 
If you have an exact ring size, but it is not an US size, you can find a conversion table here.  

Other useful information

  • Ring sizes can change with time. Please be sure to get a recent measurement.
  • The  fingers on your dominant hand might have a different size then your other hand. Make sure to measure the finger on which you want to wear the ring. 
  • Just like shoes, rings might feel tighter or more loose in cold or hot weather, in the morning or in the evening. Try to measure so you get your normal average.
  • How to size wider rings or stack rings:
    If a ring is wider than 5 mm it has to be sized larger than a normal wide ring. If you have two normal sized  rings that fit you well, you can easily test this yourself. If you wear one ring it will fit. If you wear both rings together and their combined width is more than 5 mm, they will feel too tight.
    When you order wide ring from my store, please order your normal wide ring size. I will make the necessary size adjustments for you. 

Do not use those ring sizing methods! 

It has been my experience that ring sizes have been off by as much as three full sizes when people used those methods.
Ring sizes are measured by tiny increments, we are talking about a fraction of a millimeter here, so little wonder those methods are nowhere near exact enough. 
  • Do not use string, paper strips, measuring tapes, rules, etc.
  • Do not use down-loadable ring charts you have to print out. Your printer might change the sizes without you knowing it. 
  • Do not estimate your ring size.
  • Do not use the size of an existing rings. Those sizes can be wrong, depending on where and how the ring was created. 
  • Oh, and if you are sure you know your size from buying your wedding bands many years ago - are you sure you did not have it resized? 


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