Inscription ideas

Inscription ideas for your personalized jewelry


Always and Forever rings
 For your Beloved
  • I love you
  • Forever Love
  • Always & Forever
  • With you Always
  • NON MIHI, NON TIBI,  SED NOBIS" (Latin:  "Not for you, not for me, but for us")
  • Semper Amemus 
    (Latin:  Love Always, 'Our Love is Forever')
  • Da Mi Basia Mille (Latin: "give me a thousand kisses") – Catallus


    Ancient Wisdom

  • "...Cause in eternity there's no yesterday or tomorrow, but only Now" - Meister Eckhart, 1260-1328
  • With our thoughts, we make the world – Buddha
  • From the end spring new beginnings - Pliny the Elder
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu
  • What we think, we become. - Buddha
  • Amor Vincit Omnia (Latin: Love Conquers All)
  • Ancora Imparo (Latin: Still, I am learning"). Michelangelo is said to have said this near the end of his life.
  • Carpe Diem! (Latin: "Seize the day")
  • Semper Fidelis (Latin: Always Faithful )
  • Temet Nosce (Latin: know thyself)
  • Tempus fugit (Latin: Time flees)


Inspirational, uplifting or simply fun

  • Choose happiness
  • Keep calm and  carry on
  • Never ever give up
  • You belong
  • Be the change
  • Blessed Be
  • Never give up
  • Namaste
  • Follow your heart
  • Listen to your  heart
  • Follow your bliss
  • Miracles Happen
  • Serenity, Courage, Wisdom  (Serenity prayer)
  • Eternity
  • This too shall pass
  • Just Breathe 

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