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  • double spiral silver ring
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Two Silver Moons

Double spiral ring - Ancient design sterling silver ring

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Spiral designs are as old as human kind. Wear a piece of history when you adorn your hand with this ancient design spiral ring. This design has been used since the Neolithic time, when it was carved in rock, and jewelry designs were made as early as the bronze age. Isn't it fascinating how modern and timeless this design is? 

I handcraft each ring from thick sterling silver. This is a durable and sturdy ring that will not bend out of shape. The silver is hammered for additional shine. 

Your ring will be individually handmade, just like in the old days (still with hand tools). 


  • made from solid sterling silver
  • nickel free
  • handmade in a small artisan studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA


P.S. It seems that this ring likes to travel. I know of several other rings that have taken wonderful journeys. If you have one of my "travel rings", I would love to see where your adventures will take you. Would you share a photo and tag @twosilvermoons on Instagram?