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Two Silver Moons

Inspirational spinner ring, eternity spinner

Inspirational spinner ring, eternity spinner

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This sterling silver spinner ring features a unique hand carved finish. As if marked by time, this ring looks like it has been around since ancient times. The smaller top ring has a never-ending knot pattern and orbits freely around the wider ring in a never ending circle. The word "eternity" is written on the the outside of the wider base ring in an ancient looking script. 

This ring is a real eye-catching piece of jewelry. The finish is carved by hand directly into the metal, so each ring turns out a bit different and will be truly unique. The ring is finished with care, so despite the rustic appearance, there are no rough spots or sharp corners. Because of its flared out shape it is very comfortable to wear.  

About the ring

  • hand made from solid sterling silver
  • It is about a 1/2 an inch (12 mm) wide.
  • Important! The ring will be custom-made in your size.
     Please check the announcement on the top of the page or click here to see how long it will take to create your ring. 

Please let me know your normal wide ring size. I will make the necessary adjustments so the wide ring will fit.  

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