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  • black silver wedding band
  • mens rustic wedding band
  • Personalized mens wedding band
  • Black silver ring
  • Hand script style stamping sample
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Two Silver Moons

Rough hewn sterling silver wedding band with custom inscription

Regular price $148.00 USD
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This 8mm wide rustic men's wedding band is handmade the old fashioned way. The rough hewn finish is carved directly into the metal, so each ring is unique and one of a kind.

Your custom inscription will be engraved on the inside. I handcraft each ring in my studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA. 


  • handmade from solid sterling silver
  • Price includes an inscription of up to 25 characters. The 2.5mm Hand script letter style will be used. 
  • hand carved from 2mm thick silver
  • 8mm wide
  • Natural dark patina finish
  • Important! The ring will be custom-made for you.
     Please check the announcement on the top of the page or click here to see how long it will take to create your ring. 

Please note the dark silver is from a natural patina, same as if the silver had aged for a long time without being polished. So just as black patina can be polished off of sterling silver, so it can be rubbed off of this ring. It is however easy to re-apply.

After receiving your order, I will send you email to confirm your order details.