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  • Handmade sterling silver earrings with Herkimer diamonds
  • Oval earrings with Herkimer Diamond crystal
  • Artisan made earrings
  • Metalwork moon pebble earrings
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Two Silver Moons

Oval Moon Pebble earring with Herkimer diamond

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A sterling silver oval is studded with molten silver "moon pebbles" and Herkimer diamonds.

Each little "pebble" is created by melting the sterling silver with a torch. These eye-catching earrings are truly unique and each pair will be slightly different.

The Herkimer diamonds are natural stones that do come out of the ground in this beautiful hexagonal shape with double terminated ends. The only change that is made is to drill the hole. Even though they are called Herkimer "diamonds", they actually are a natural quartz.

The oval shape measures about 15x10mm, that is about 5/8 of an inch long and 3/8 of an inch wide.