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Two Silver Moons

Dangly leaf earrings in sterling silver

Dangly leaf earrings in sterling silver

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These sterling silver leaf earrings are handmade by embossing a floral pattern on silver sheet, then cutting out the little leaf shapes. The leaves were gently shaped to give them a bit of a three dimensional shape.


  • Handmade, so your pair will look slightly different, but very similar to the pair shown on the photos.
  • Each earring is weighing a mere 1.1 grams, so they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. A US dime weighs 2.27 grams, just for comparison.
  • Polished to a bright shine.
  • All metal is solid sterling silver. 
  • The total length including the earwire is 1.5 inches. 
    The length of the leaves is 7/8th of an inch. 
    The width is about 5/16th of an inch. 


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